Sunday, April 1, 2007

Starting up

This is the beginning of an experiment. In googling around I discovered recently that there were few online sources of news specifically for those who minister to persons in prisons and jails, their families, victims of crime or their families and all the other persons in the detention system, including staff and corrections officers. Well, this is the beginning of an attempt at such a service

The initial name of this service will be Detention Ministry News, at least until I can come up with something more catchy. Maybe not even then.

Here are some notes on what goes on here:

  • By and large this will be a set of links to other stories that may be of interest, sometimes with a quote or summary. In some cases a post may itself be a stack of links.
  • While this blog is based in the United States, posts will be from all over.
  • Stories and links regarding all faith groups will be included here -- in chaplaincy work, everybody has to cooperate. We're on the institution's turf, not our own.
  • I reserve the right to editorialize, or to add AdSense to this blog. But I don't plan on it right now.

There will be more later. I don't plan to promote this until it has been running well for a month or more, and I fill in stories to the beginning of 2007. Archives are important.

Update: Well, filling in the archives may not happen, unless I hit some big stories. I am getting more stuff to post than expected. Nice, but challenging.

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