Saturday, April 7, 2007

Bishop goes to prison

The Monterey County Herald reports that the new Roman Catholic bishop of Monterey, Richard Garcia, is spending part of his Easter in prison:

Garcia will preside over the Easter Vigil service at San Carlos Cathedral tonight, but will head south to San Luis Obispo, where Sunday he will celebrate Mass with those incarcerated at the California Men's Colony.

'Bishop Garcia has a passion for prison ministry,' said Kevin Drabinski, diocese spokesman, who said Garcia is inspired by St. Peter, who wrote about Jesus preaching 'to the spirits that were in prison.'

The bishop will pay homage to the Rev. Michael Bell, who is retiring at age 80 after serving as prison chaplain for 13 years.

Garcia's appearance at the men's colony is a twist on the tradition started years ago by now-retired Bishop Sylvester Ryan. Garcia replaced Ryan as bishop in Monterey in January.

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