Friday, March 30, 2007

Prison ministry helps reverse effects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

How one ministry tries to help inmates with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome:

"Recent research reports that over 50% of people in prison may have some form of FAS, and Dr. David Schuringa, president of international prison ministry Crossroad Bible Institute, estimates that this figure may be as high as 80% for repeat offenders.

The symptoms of FASD and FAE include behavioral problems, emotional immaturity, poor abstract thinking skills, inability to foresee consequences and communication deficiencies. It is not hard to imagine that many children born with these diseases end up struggling through school, unable to hold a job, brushing with the law and eventually behind bars.

Crossroad Bible Institute, a non-profit organization reaching people in prison with faith-based reentry education, seeks to help these sufferers of FAS and its related diseases.

CBI’s program links imprisoned people with caring mentors who correct their lessons and respond with letters of encouragement. Through consistently completing CBI’s courses, students slowly develop the skills required for successful reentry.

Rather than continuing to repeat the destructive patterns of their disease, CBI students with FAS, FASD or FAE are equipped for successful integration into society. With curriculum that encourages the development of spiritual disciplines and practical skills, CBI is reaching out to the sufferers of a mother’s poor judgment or ignorance with the truth of the Bible. "

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